The Causes For Low Testosterone Levels

Before exploring topic of how testosterone can rejuvenate the body or if it indeed can, it's going to be a very big help understand first what testosterone replacement treatment therapy is for. A healthy romantic endeavors, a well-balanced diet and adequate sleep can also be important components of maintaining your testosterone at the right levels. Low testosterone in men carries a similar effect on the body as well as the psyche as low estrogen levels do in females.

Foods that are rich in zinc or essential fats are fantastic in this aspect. Zinc is the most important mineral as far as Testosterone production is concerned. Your Testosterone levels reach their peak by the time you reach 20 and then start to decline with your middle age years. If very low levels of Testosterone are temporarily curative of prostate cancer then surely it makes sense that high levels are causative. Modern medicine's answer to the problem is Testosterone replacement therapy.

Your HGH or growth hormone levels also decline at around the same time and also this is often an underlying cause with the aging process. Obesity and excess fat is often a cause of low Testosterone which is one in the main logic behind why there can be a growing epidemic. There are several groups of Men who cannot produce their own Testosterone, and so stimulation by natural means will have no or limited effect. If you have low Testosterone levels, you'll find it impossible to take care of muscle. Why? Because you need Testosterone to construct and maintain lean muscle mass.

Lack of sleep can result in increased stress. Stress tends to enhance cortisol level in blood that affects Testosterone production adversely. Insufficiency of zinc in the body system is which may cause low Testosterone both in male and Innovative Men's Clinic Bellevue Washington . Testosterone treatments are used in trans-men to halt menstruation. This therapy works within five months of start of course, if it does not happen then expert consultation becomes necessary. When your Testosterone is below normal, his brain signals your balls to make more. When his Testosterone levels reach a standard level, your brain signals the testicles to make less.

Most people directly associate the growing discomforts and medical issues over the years to aging and not to the decreasing amount of hormones such as Testosterone. Clear steps may be taken to remedy the situation of the man being have less Testosterone thus reducing unwanted sexual dysfunctions in one's lover of life. Reduce carbohydrate intake since such foods increase a higher level Insulin in blood which affects Testosterone production adversely. More importantly, it doesn't relieve you with the need to speak to your physician. Remember you'll find other conditions which may cause similar, or identical, symptoms.

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